The No.1 must have home decor trend of 2021: Spanish-Colonial

Looking for a new project to take on in the new year? Needing a refresh after all the extended Christmas buzz and looking for a new transformation for the promising (fingers crossed) year ahead? The Spanish interior style has become more popular lately and is considered a luxury style. All the celebs have them, artists and professionals are getting their hands on some of the best Spanish style accessories. It’s so popular that it’s predicted to be the next trend we will see in 2021. So why not get ahead and start preparing for your 2021 spring home styling ideas.


The spanish style is definitely taking over all the home magazines and is the latest up coming trend that everyone is trying to get their hands on for next year. But why so popular? The Spanish interior style is a very soft and natural style that incorporates a more sustainable living and is a purely calming and relaxing space to call your home. I know I get bad anxiety with working from home 24/7 and being accustomed to living inside all the time has made leaving the house a tad bit stressful with my overthinking, loud mind. Well I guess i’m not the only one who’s going through this mental health struggle. The Spanish style allows the fresh, comfortable feel of a luxury getaway come into our homes, especially since no one has been able to go away this year. But with next year approaching and the pandemic dying down, (slowly) the Spanish style seems to be here to stay. The sustainable and spiritual feel that comes with this style is not only gorgeous to look at but will help you stay calm and collected in your home.

I gotta show you just what I mean so I have found this beautiful space designed by Jake Arnold for this Power Couple’s home in L.A. The mixture of the L.A. sunshine and the Spanish decor really makes you feel you’re transported to another world.


How pretty is this Garden. The idea of a Spanish interior to mirror the exterior of the home, allowing your whole space to feel like paradise and the comforts of the outdoors into your home. One of the most noticeable giveaways of the Spanish style are the steel window frames that creates a dramatic, contemporary look.

Coming inside the house, there are lots of neutral soft colours with grey, whites and brown tones taking center stage. With the large floor plant and the wooden beams this allows the space to connect to the garden and create that natural feel that the Spanish love.

Behind the seating area we can see a black bookshelf. Connecting with the black rustic picture frame above the fireplace, this allows the backdrop of the room to connect with the centre. One of the reasons this is becoming more popular is the masculine feel this gives. Making this a perfect home for families, business professionals and people who love a bit of drama… so everyone 🙂

Rich brown tones and natural green plants emphasis that outdoor life entering the home. And look at the framed windows, they match the chairs in the kitchen, connecting the space to the outdoors and the spread of the Spanish style is eminent here.

The most sought after Spanish decor piece that has been booming is the staircase. Gone are the wooden traditional style and they are being replaced with a light steel material that will fit any style in the room. It’s modern and contemporary feel to your space can transform your home without doing much else to it.

If you haven’t noticed already but this home is covered in gold accessories and natural looking shapes. The bedrooms are calmer than the rest of the house but take a look back and see the archways in the doors and the plain walls to allow the interest to be in the furniture. Modern living made simple. The Spanish style is all about nature which is why you can see a lot of daylight, plants and curves.

There is no question that the Spanish style is definitely going to be a big trend of 2021. This calms me down just looking at it but imagine living here. I am definitely going to be adding some natural materials in my home next year to help my confidence going back into the real world and continuing life in the stressful corporate business. I think i’ll need it x

Thank you guys for reading and I hope i’ve given you a little bit of an insight into the Spanish style and how you can add this into your home. I have created a collection of budget friendly accessories for you to take a look at that will add a sense of a warm, friendly culture into your homes for the new year.

Thanks again and stay safe x

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