Neo-Classical Georgian Country house by Edward Bulmer

Nature has become increasingly more popular when decorating homes over the past year. With the growing need to introduce a more sustainable way of living, whilst still holding the beauty and elegance of traditional interior design, the English style has developed into a beautifully enchanting mixutre of both old and new. This is no exception for Edward Bulmer!

Centred in the vast country landscape of Sussex, this georgian home blends perfectly into the landscape and complements the style of living that is presented in the neighboring villages. With nature being the focus of the interior of the house, the house boasts colour, nature and comfort being the main goal to achieving such a masterpiece.

Celebrated by generous gardens surrounding the estate, this piece of design is nothing short of a master piece, pleasing both the city travelers looking for a heritage fix, and modern comforts that make this such a beautiful and comfortable place to live.

Who says the English can’t live in a castle.. It’s what makes us English after all. The modern architecture can seem very beautiful, but nothing compares to a timeless piece such as Pitshill House. Bought in the 90’s this gracious 1790 building was in a poor state and had a very dark, ghostly feel to it. 30 years later it boasts a beautiful neo-classical design

“From this entrance, you pass through the entrance hall, staircase hall and garden hall to reach the new formal garden to the east, which was designed by Simon Johnson. The view through the house continues from here across a wide lawn and terminates with the swimming pool and pedimented Tuscan-style pool pavilion. The lawn is framed by clipped holm oaks, which echo the old holm oaks in the landscape. Philip Thomason supplied new Coade stone balustrading for the house and for the lion-mask fountain north of the pavilion. This formal area close to the house fades into traditional English parkland and then into the landscape beyond. “

Wallpapers designed by David Skinner and Hamilton Weston, marble work by Hesp Jones & Co and lighting supplied by  David Wilkinson. The dining chairs are from Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler, the paint work is Edward Bulmer’s ‘Sea Green’ and the silk chairs are custom made from Max Rollitt.

With rich garden, colours, plenty of storage and daylight and custom materials designed by local specialists, this home is definitely described as a perfect blend of traditional and modern design with a timeless elegance presented throughout. Let’s take a look to see what all the fuss is about then and dig in.

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