Green & Pink Powder Room Luxe Takeover!

Dreaming of your perfect small bathroom just got easier thanks to A Glass of Bovino’s new one room challenge project reveal to their powder room. Full of Parisian aesthetics and beautiful botanical colours, this room makes you feel like you’re in the chateau deep in the south of France. With a bold, dark green storage unit paired with a beautiful statement piece mirror this bathroom is both productive and classy for anyone coming into their home and really leaves people with an experience they will never forget.

The white walls have been a good choice here, allowing the botanical sink and mirror to take centre stage with the contrasting blush flowers and artwork to complement the colours. Choosing contrasting colours will always help with creating a balanced look as they help complement each other and tell a story about how the room is going to be used and wants to feel like. The marble shower and golden accents really help bring a modern take on the vintage look, creating a good blend of old and new, making this a very classic go to look that works well for both history lovers and contemporary geeks.

Attention to detail is key in a small room. Without having wallpaper the little objects really stand out. The golden tap and handles are the first thing you notice when entering the space, but the little trinkets on top of the toilet is what makes this space so elegant and delicate. A bathroom is always an intimate space, so placing some scented candles, earthy flowers and a good book is a great way to add charm and also bring in some personality to such as small space.

What do you think of the space? If you’d like to see their whole blog just Click Here

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