A Modern Bohemian Family Home by Cece Barfield

This beautiful traditional 6 bedroom home, located not far from the ocean in New York has been truly transformed into a colourful, comfortable family home full of function, space and a real feel of the sea side and blended with traditional English patterns and finishes. The bold green and blues have been shown throughout the entire home, with a much more calmer vibes in the bedrooms to help give a really relaxing feel for a good nights sleep. The living room and dining area boasts a bold statement to the colours and the use of plants and florals helps make you feel right by the seaside.

The English patterns on the armchairs, cushions and dining space bring a great historic element into this modern ocean centered home. The blue vase decor, traditional patterned faded rugs and use of wood work allows the colours to blend well together and create a colourful, playful vibe to this space, perfect for a family home.

This space just looks so appealing. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, this English influenced space really makes you feel right at home, but with the added benefit of good weather 🙂

Take a look below at the full home.

Image sources from The Glam Pad! Click Here to see more exclusive images taken from this home.

Have you fallen in love with this designer yet? I certainly have. If you want to see more of their work Click Here and take a look at their portfolio to give you even more of a glimpse of how you can transform your new, bare home into something that feels lived in.

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