A Fresh Contemporary Home for Art Lovers!

The new year is well under way and the 2021 lock down seems to be dragging out now that so many people are looking into their homes to find inspiration for a happy and productive life. The main styles we are seeing on the likes of Pinterest and Instagram are diving into the modern contemporary vibe that is here indefinitely. This beautiful home not only screams ‘come in and relax with me’ but also give us a few tips on how to live more sustainably. Take a scroll down to explore this beautifully minimalist but somewhat dramatic home!

Check out the full design by I Love Haus! by Clicking Here 🙂

For a neutral backdrop, this beautiful chandelier screams modernism and style, blending beautifully with the neutral tones and the large garden scenery outside.

Black has got to be my fabourite colour when adding some drama to a design. Perfect for those smaller rooms that get a lot of light, this home office is a prefect idea for those who like a bit of change from one room to the next. This is a beautiful surprise and uplifts your mood instantly due to the gold and neutrals tones balancing out the darkness perfectly.

The living room has to be the highlight of the design. With the neutral colours blending so well here and the outstanding gallery wall with a mixture of artwork collections, family photos and beautiful frames, the space here really comes alive and creates this timeless piece of what a home really should look like.

The use of the browns here creating a gorgeous chocolate colour helps create a very well traveled and cultural space here The neutral details work so well with the artwork and golden accents, allowing this space to tell a bold story about what the people who live in here are like, and how we can get to know them by truly just being present.

Thank you guys so much for reading! Don’t you just love the new idea of blending your neutrals together with some contemporary art pieces to bring your home together. Browns, blacks and golds really do create the perfect amount of drama without your home looking too loud. I hope you guys enjoyed reading and I can’t wait to see how your inspiration comes about.

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